Life and Health Insurance

Both life and health insurance are essential to protecting yourself and your loved ones in the event of a medical crisis. While the principle of life and health insurance is simple, both have nuances and complexities that make choosing the right one challenging.

There are no one-size-fits-all options, so evaluating your needs, budget, and desired outcome is essential.

If you live in the St. Louis Metro area in Missouri or Illinois, our independent team at Mack Risk Management can help you determine what types of life and health insurance coverage you need. We can also create the best package of policies for you—at the best prices. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Individual Life Insurance

Life insurance is an insurance policy where one person takes out the policy and pays the premiums. The life insurance company will pay the surviving spouse or family members the agreed-upon amount upon the individual’s death.

Various individual life insurance options include:

  • Whole life/permanent life/universal life: These policies cover the individual’s whole life. They also accumulate cash over time that the policyholder can withdraw or use as collateral. Some also accrue interest and allow for changes in benefits or premiums.
  • Term life: These policies have a set term within which they pay out if the holder dies within that term. There is no payout if the policy expires before the policyholder’s death.
  • Return-of-premium life term: Similar to term life insurance, except the policyholder can expect a refund on the premiums paid during the term if they don’t die within the stated term.
  • Fixed annuity: Fixed annuities provide income for the policyholder until their death, at which point the insurance company receives the remainder of the annuity savings.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects you from the loss of income associated with disability. It provides partial income in the event that you become too sick or injured to work. Most policies will pay out between 40% to 60% of your pre-disability salary.

Employee Benefits Insurance

Employee benefits liability coverage, or employee liability insurance, is a business insurance policy that protects businesses against mistakes made in an employee’s benefits plans or retirement plans.

Common administration mistakes include:

  • Not adding an employee to a benefits plan
  • Adding an employee to the wrong plan
  • Deleting an employee from their benefits plan

Group Health and Life Insurance

Group life and health insurance are business-oriented insurance policies that provide health or life insurance to all employees in the business. These benefits are incredibly popular with employees and often are much more affordable than individual policies.

Examples of potential group policies include:

  • Group health
  • Group dental
  • Group vision
  • Long-term care (LTC)
  • 401k

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