Commercial and Business Insurance

Business insurance is essential to protecting your company from various types of financial and general operational risks. The tricky part is that protecting your business can be more difficult than you initially thought with so many different types of business insurance.

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Business Insurance

There is no general catch-all business insurance policy that can cover all the risks your business faces. Since different businesses have unique risk profiles, it’s best to select policies that address your most common concerns.

Common business insurance policies include:

  • General liability insurance to cover basic business risks such as damaged customer property, bodily injuries, and libel or slander lawsuits
  • Business owner’s policy that combines commercial property insurance with general liability insurance.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance for any business that has employees. It may also be a good idea for sole proprietors that work in dangerous fields, as it can cover injury costs that health insurance doesn’t.
  • Auto insurance that protects commercial vehicles.

Medical Malpractice Insurance for Doctors and Dentists

Medical malpractice is a serious claim that affects doctors, dentists, therapists, and many other medical professionals. Many policies include related defense costs such as lawyer fees, court fees, and other legal costs associated with a malpractice claim.

Errors and omissions or professional liability insurance is similar as it covers professionals from lawsuits relating to work performance in other fields.

Employee Benefits Insurance

Employee benefits liability coverage, or employee liability insurance, is a business insurance policy that protects businesses against mistakes made in an employee’s benefits plans or retirement plans.

Group Health and Life Insurance

Group life and health insurance are business-oriented insurance policies that provide health or life insurance to all employees in the business. These benefits are incredibly popular with employees and often are much more affordable than individual policies.

Examples of potential group policies include group health, dental, vision, long-term care (LTC) and 401Ks.

Small Business Insurance

Small businesses often get discounted business insurance premiums to their relatively limited liability. Factors that influence premium costs include:

  • Number of employees
  • Location
  • Applicable risk factors
  • Sector and industry

Small businesses should take out a portfolio of insurance policies that fit their needs. All businesses should at least have general liability insurance that protects the business from common business risks such as bodily injuries and property damage.

Business Owner’s Policy

A BOP combines commercial property and general liability insurance in a cost-effective package. It usually covers damaged business property, customer injuries, property damage, and business interruption.

General Liability/Workers Compensation

General liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance are mandatory for specific businesses. These types of insurance cover potential risks where you may be liable for other people’s medical or property costs.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Auto insurance protects your business-owned vehicles against common vehicle risks, including accidents, thefts, and adverse weather events.

Options include:

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